Dezlie is Where?


Every family has food traditions. Dishes that get passed down through generations. Simple specialties your mom or grandma made that pop on dinner tables at holidays and special occasions year after year.

For my family, that means Grandma Violet’s cole slaw and potato salad. And last week we discovered that for my sister Erika’s in-laws, that means macaroni salad.

Erika and her husband Chris were home visiting from Shanghai, so our families got together down in South Carolina. Meals were planned and prepared and the one dish that really stood out for me was Chris’s mom’s mac salad. Turns out it’s Chris’s favorite and his mom, Jackie, makes it whenever he comes home. And I could see why he loves it… crunchy, creamy, deceptively simple, simply delicious! I have a feeling this will become a tradition at in our home next!

Thanks to Jackie Levesque for writing down the recipe for me.


Great advice to writers.


Great advice to writers.


The Key to Failure
Ah, Wil Wheaton…

Ah, Wil Wheaton…


A few banned books on Better Book Titles!

The Better Book Titles Book (that I’m sure will get banned by SOMEONE) is here: “How Not to Read”



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